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KMOHR will advocate for stakeholder involvement as CDOT, Garfield and Eagle County participate in a feasibility study for improving Cottonwood Pass. We will work to facilitate public understanding of the project and to promote public participation.

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Copy of Slides Presented at the Property Owner Task Force Meeting

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Why should you stay informed and get involved?

"With the information provided by this project, Eagle and Garfield counties will determine next steps for implementing improvements. Concept design is expected to be complete by early 2023. The counties will complete design and evaluate pursuing construction of improvements as funding becomes available in the future."

Although safety improvement is the stated goal of this feasibility study.....

There may be significant changes if improvements are made and if the residents don't articulate concerns now....then CDOT and Eagle and Garfield Counties will be free to make improvements as they see fit. - As an example, there was no public input or explanation in the selection of Catherine Store Rd. as the "preferred route" connecting the pass to Hwy 82.

Now is the time ask questions and where does this lead into the future?

  • Do you know that there are over 20 road map apps and just because the County designates a preferred route, the apps will be used by motorists to find their own way from the pass?

The CDOT Feasibility Study could have a key role in implementing the I-70 Detour Act if enacted. It could potentially inform the DOT study and report required by the Act.

These are important reasons why both stakeholder involvement in the CDOT Feasibility Study and donations to KMOHR are very important.