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Cottonwood Pass

KMOHR will advocate for stakeholder involvement as CDOT, Garfield and Eagle County participate in a feasibility study for improving Cottonwood Pass.

Vehicles take a detour on Cottonwood Pass Road on June 27, 2021, near Gypsum after I-70 through Glenwood Canyon was closed. (Hugh Carey, The Colorado Sun)

Why should you stay informed and/or get involved?

In two separate CDOT meetings with Eagle and Garfield Counties, CDOT presented two similar slide presentations. See slides below.

  • CDOT presented the plan to conduct a Feasibility Study for safety improvements on Cottonwood Pass.

  • The Eagle and Garfield County commissioners also held a joint meeting to discuss these plans. Both Counties committed to work together and with CDOT, AND to ensure stakeholder involvement in the process.

  • The I-70 Detour Act (a Bill introduced in the US House of Representatives) was mentioned in all three meetings. Although not discussed in detail during the meetings, we understand that the CDOT Feasibility Study could have a key role in implementing the Act if enacted. It could potentially inform the DOT study and report required by the Act. This is one reason why both stakeholder involvement in the CDOT Feasibility Study and donations to KMOHR are very important.

  • The Colorado Sun published an article discussing the above.

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2022-05-09 Cottonwood Pass - EC BoCC Presentation.pdf

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