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KMOHR will advocate for stakeholder involvement as CDOT, Garfield and Eagle County participate in a feasibility study for improving Cottonwood Pass.

CDOT has scheduled two separate in-person Public Open Houses about Cottonwood Pass

In Garfield County - July 19 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.

In Eagle County - July 20 - 5:00 PM to 7 PM at the Gypsum Town Hall

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Vehicles take a detour on Cottonwood Pass Road on June 27, 2021, near Gypsum after I-70 through Glenwood Canyon was closed. (Hugh Carey, The Colorado Sun)

Why should you stay informed and/or get involved?

In two separate CDOT meetings with Eagle and Garfield Counties, in early May 2022, CDOT presented two similar slide presentations. See slides below.

  • CDOT presented the plan to conduct a Feasibility Study for safety improvements on Cottonwood Pass.

  • The Eagle and Garfield County commissioners also held a joint meeting to discuss these plans. Both Counties committed to work together and with CDOT, AND to ensure stakeholder involvement in the process.

  • The I-70 Detour Act (a Bill introduced in the US House of Representatives) was mentioned in all three meetings. Although not discussed in detail during the meetings, we understand that the CDOT Feasibility Study could have a key role in implementing the Act if enacted. It could potentially inform the DOT study and report required by the Act. This is one reason why both stakeholder involvement in the CDOT Feasibility Study and donations to KMOHR are very important.

  • The Colorado Sun published an article discussing the above.

  • CDOT has scheduled two separate in-person Public Open Houses about Cottonwood Pass

Attachment_CDOT_Cottonwood_Pass_Presentation (1).pdf
2022-05-09 Cottonwood Pass - EC BoCC Presentation.pdf

Open or Download Slides Here:

Information shared by CDOT

KMOHR is meeting with CDOT to obtain and share about the project schedule, public outreach plans, our primary concerns, and other topics. Below are some public information resources shared by CDOT. We are advocating for public input on this project. Refer to Meetings for more details and meeting minutes.

Draft Project Schedule

24970 - DRAFT Schedule.pdf

Draft CDOT Concept Development Plan

24970 Cottonwood Pass_DRAFT CSS Plan Highlights.pdf

Task Order - General Engineering Services for the Cottonwood Pass Feasibility Study

David Evans and Associates, TO#1, $431008136, #22HA2XB00090 (24970).pdf

Context Sensitive Solutions on the I-70 Mountain Corridor

"Founded on a set of principles outlined in the context statement and core values, the I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process brings together a multi-disciplined, multi-interest stakeholder group tasked with providing guidance for future studies, designs, and construction projects to ensure that stakeholder values, such as preserving and maintaining scenic and environmental integrity, are incorporated into the project decision making process. For more information on the CSS process, including CSS teams and roles, decision making, and amending the process, check out the information on this website.

Example of a Similar CDOT Study

US 40 Fraser Study - This is an example project site for another study that CDOT did in Region 3. This is similar to what they will do for this effort. The soon to be released project website will likely mimic this site.

Example of How CDOT Screens Alternatives

From a different project

Tier 2 Screening Summary Table 050916.pdf