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Send Comments/call CDOT/Join their Mailing List

View CDOT's "Get involved" page

Use the CDOT Comment form to submit comments to CDOT (Recommended)

See examples of Public Comments as of August 8

Send an email to the project team, or call a CDOT official.

Write Letters to Garfield County

Write Letters to Eagle County

Eagle County Public Meeting and Hearing Procedures For Board of County Commissioner Meetings and Hearings, Revised August 2022

Write Letters to the Editor

Here are the contacts and letters to the editors guidelines:

Aspen Times letter to the editors-300 words max

Aspen Daily News - 300 words max

Sopris Sun- 300 words max

Monday noon deadlines or contact address above to alert posting ahead of time

Post Independent- 300 words max


SIMPLE GUIDELINES separated into 3 paragraphs

1. Introduce yourself and explain why you are writing this letter. START STRONG using your own words. Let the reader know why you are taking the time to do this.

2. Add details of the matter and why it is important. Include facts, evidence or current misunderstandings regarding this issue.

3. Conclude with what should be done and again, WHY this is so important to everyone reading this letter.

Note: Please forward or copy your emails (or phone recaps) to: so that we can monitor the community’s engagement and concerns – and plan for the next steps (hearings, etc.).

When deciding which government entity or media outlet to contact, think about their roles in this project.

  1. CDOT is has a formal process to collect your input.

CDOT is conducting a feasibility study for making safety improvements on Cottonwood Pass. CDOT needs input on what is important to you about this study (for example : what the study should include and what it should not) .

Eagle and Garfield counties are the "customers" of CDOT for this study.

Recommendation: Share any comments that you send to CDOT with your county commissioners.

CDOT held two Public Open houses. Watch our Cottonwood Pass page for details.

  1. Eagle and Garfield Counties will ultimately decide which CDOT recommendations they will or will not implement. Your input as to the recommendations you either support or not, should help inform these decisions.

YOU are the county's direct customer in this project, as their customer. The Counties are encouraging their customers or "stakeholders" (people who have a stake, or personal/business interest) to provide early input to both them and to CDOT.

It's important to watch the KMOHR and CDOT websites to stay on top of project progress. KMOHR will highlight recent activities and link to the CDOT portal.

  1. Local Media - Contact the local media when you feel that you have compliments or concerns that should be made public in the media.

KMOHR would appreciate being copied on these communications, as possible, so that we can monitor the community’s engagement and concerns – and plan for the next steps (hearings, etc.).