Report Discriminatory Content

Our position: Ascendigo is a well-respected, nonprofit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley. The autistic children and adults they provide services for, and their selfless staff, deserve a place to call home. Unfortunately, their vision for Ascendigo Ranch in Missouri Heights is simply not compatible with the current zoning regulations, the limited natural resources and difficult access to the area.

Ascendigo supporters claim that KeepMOHRural, its supporters and all those who oppose the development are discriminating against Ascendigo clients because of their disabilities.

We disagree wholeheartedly with such an implication and we will not tolerate those who would imply or make such an argument.

So, we are taking measures to ensure the perception is NOT the reality. In order to address this perception, we're sharing this form for people to report any "discriminatory arguments" coming from this group. We will address and investigate each valid report directly.