Letter Writing Guide

Anyone who wants to Say NO to Missouri Heights Business Development is encouraged to donate, sign the petition, write letters, and otherwise get involved. This is NOT limited to Garfield County Residents.

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First, please write letters in your own words and from your own experience. This “Guide” is intended to help with the process of letter writing. You may pick some or all of the points in the example letter to include in your letter. Also important is to include LUDC (Land Use and Development Code) references. *YOU MUST SUBMIT LETTERS AT LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE HEARING. GARCO PUBLIC HEARING DATE TBD*

Click here for Example Letter

Write Letters to Garfield County

Write a Letter to Basalt Water Conservancy District

Send letter to 909 Colorado Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. 970-945-6777.

Write Letters to the Editor

Click Here for the contacts and letters to the editors guidelines:

Note: Please forward or copy your emails (or phone recaps) to: keepmohrural@gmail.com so that we can monitor the

community’s engagement and concerns – and plan for the next steps (hearings, etc.).