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To contribute to the defense of our collective rural way of life in Missouri Heights.....

Please Contribute

While KMOHR does not have serious costs at the moment, we do have a few administrative issues to take care of (tax return, 501c3 fees, etc.). We have exhausted our funds from all previous fundraising and given our continued efforts, we would like to once again ask for your financial support as we remain a watchdog organization for all of our benefit.

We satisfied all of our expenses from the Ascendigo fight through your donations and discounted invoices from our professionals in recognition of the community wide interest in our cause.

Our bank balance at the end of 2021 was $1,868.34. Please contribute what you can – no donation is too small (or too large).

If everyone pitches in just a little, we will be fine. You can use our link to donate or send a check to:

Keep MO Heights Rural, PO Box 1381, Carbondale, CO 81623

501c3 Status (tax deductible contributions)

Our filing to become a 501c3 was submitted last fall, and unfortunately the IRS is so backlogged that we don’t expect to get a final determination and tax ID number until March or so. If you have made a donation in 2021 and are hoping it could be tax deductible, please hold off on filing as long as you can and we will alert everyone the moment we have received 501c3 status. While we expect this to come through, we cannot guarantee anything. Please consult with your tax professional on this matter if it pertains to you. We apologize for this delay.

If you have a large donation (to avoid GoFund.Me fees), or prefer to donate via USPS, please send a check to Keep MO Heights Rural, PO Box 1381, Carbondale, CO 81623, made payable to : Keep MO Heights Rural.

No positions in this organization are paid. All administrative functions are on a volunteer basis. Any funds raised go directly to the defense of our collective rural way of life.