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Anyone who wants to Say NO to Missouri Heights Business Development is encouraged to donate, sign the petition, write letters, and otherwise get involved. This is NOT limited to Garfield County Residents.

Update: We are submitting our first 605 signatures to Garfield County to meet the deadline for the Public Hearing on June 21st. But, we can present an updated total at the hearing. So.....Keep on signing!

Garfield County has approved the use of an electronic petition for ease of access and contact-free signing.

*Note that the petition host ( asks for a donation after you sign. They are a free service, and you are not required to donate. Simply navigate away from the donation screen. Your petition signature will be recorded, regardless.

Any such donations support, not That said, has been very helpful and accommodating. Feel free to donate to them if you want to say thanks.

When counting signatures, add 103 from our paper petition.

Aspen Times poll: Ascendigo Not a Good Fit for Missouri Heights.

  • 2,339 readers (72%) voted NO... Ascendigo Ranch is NOT a good fit for Missouri Heights.

  • 794 voted Yes

  • 105 said Maybe.

"It really helps with our message and that we have legitimate concerns."

Thank you to everyone who votes to Keep Missouri Heights Rural. Read our Q&A about this poll