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How to Sign Up

Please EMAIL JOE NUZZARELLO AT and he will help you with all the details.

Note: We had a form, but the technology gods didn't want it to work. Our apologies.

Thanks in advance!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The next and most important step is to bring our passion to the public hearing. Our chance to vocally express the many important reasons why we know this project is not appropriate for our neighborhood.

We are looking for people willing to speak at the June 21 virtual meeting to the Board of County Commissioners. If you are interested, please get back to us as soon as possible. Use this website for further information, topics, talking points etc.

  • Let your voice be heard.

  • Every single voice counts.

  • We all win if we all speak.

  • Sign up to speak at the public hearing (in person and/or via zoom).

  • It doesn’t matter where you live, if you aren’t a public speaker (you can read your statement or even read the letter you sent in), or if you are not available (you can designate a proxy to speak on your behalf).

  • We have a greater chance of reaching the result we all want if we all sign up to speak and fill in the form.

  • Do it today so you don’t forget!

  • It’s easy and not intimidating AND IMPORTANT!!