Proposed Arena and Stables

TARS in the foreground of one resident's Sopris view

The covered jumping arena (in blue) is 20,000 sq ft compared to nearby homes <4,000 sq ft. 

The proposed development is in a basin, resembling a football field.

Surrounding homes represent the stands (several at field level). 

Residents would be unwilling spectators of every commercial activity, experiencing all the environmental impacts (odors, light, noise, flies, loose dogs, dust, etc.) associated with a large commercial equestrian operation. 

THAT is not "peaceful enjoyment" as required by Eagle County for a Special Use Permit.

Pictured below are NOT representations of the size and scale of the stables/arena. They are ONLY the preferred colors and materials for the  stables and the jumping arena.

The arena above is not quite 100' by 200' but was superimposed at the proposed location for an idea of scale. 

To get some scale, check out similar facilities online. It is difficult to find an arena large enough to compare. Check the dimensions.

The proposed jumping arena is the same size with similar colors as the Wind Walkers arena. (The large building pictured below.)