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The BOCC site visit and hearing are April 11.  

Site visit at 2:30 and Hearing at 4.

All Options are on the Table

The staff report for the BOCC hearing will contain staff's recommended motions. These are typically those identified in the staff report that was presented to the Planning Commission along with their motion and any conditions that the Planning Commission included. 

The Board has discretion to reach different findings, a different conclusion, different conditions, or even table consideration to a future date. 

In reaching a different conclusion the Board would need to identify standards from the regulations which lead them to that conclusion. 

Board could decide to include a wide variety of different changes to the proposal such as reducing or expanding hours of operation, number of horses, number of events, size & location of buildings, etc. 

Just because staff is recommending specific findings, conclusions and motions does not mean that the Board has to agree. I hope that helps.  

~Vince Hooper March 8, 2023 (County Planner)

How to Contact Eagle County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and Planning Dept.


P.O. Box 850

500 Broadway

Eagle, Colorado 81631


Jeanne McQueeney

cell: 970-471-0635


Kathy Chandler-Henry

cell: 970-390-3104


Matt Scherr

cell: 970-376-4449


Contact all three commissioners:

(The chair or a staff member will respond accordingly.)

Public Comment Information:

Send written public comment to:

All public hearings will have the option of attending in-person or virtually for public comment. Pre-registration for in-person or virtual public comment is not required. Virtual public comment links will be activated on the date and time of the scheduled hearing: Virtual Public comment link

If you would like to watch the meeting, there is a live feed at . If you're not planning to participate directly in the meeting, then we highly encourage you to use the streaming link provided above, to avoid bandwidth issues.

For pasting into your email:

Example text for public comment opposing TARS

We support horse boarding and riding facilities in Missouri Heights, but the scale and commercial operations proposed by Twin Acres Riding Stables are incompatible with the surrounding Rural Residential community.  We are sharing the following examples to help public commenters craft comments for submitting to Eagle County. We do not recommend using the examples verbatim. You should tailor them to reflect your own thoughts. If the county sees duplicated public comments, the comments might not be taken seriously.

Send your comments to: