White Cloud

White Cloud is the former Ascendigo Property that we fought so hard to protect from over development and commercial use in Spring 2021. As you know the property was sold by Ascendigo to a family owned Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). A new additional lot is being proposed by the new owner that requires County approval. This application will be reviewed by Community Development.

There will be a limited opportunity to send in public comment once the application is filed and deemed complete. This is the reason that we are alerting everyone now so that you may have it on your radar.

Our Preliminary Analysis

Here are the details of the current plan, as we understand it. See the flyer below for owner-supplied information.

  • The LLC has taken one of the Levitt properties, (6 acres) and annexed the White Cloud subdivision so that it is now 14 lots.

  • The other Levitt property was 41 acres and they are now proposing a onetime Minor Subdivision, in order to add one lot.

  • Their plan is to separate a 5 acre portion from the 36 acre portion. This would become a 15th lot with a home that includes an Additional Domestic Unit (ADU) to sell.

  • In addition, on the remaining 36 acre portion, the owner plans to build a home with an ADU. This would be the 16th lot.

  • That makes a total of 16 lots potentially for homes (including the owner’s lot/home) plus 5 homes with ADUs, a few livestock barns and auxiliary bldgs.

  • 21 dwellings could eventually be built on this current vacant property.

Why this is important, basic questions

While the 14 lots were already there and the White Cloud subdivision was authorized for building lots in 1996…..

  • We have all valued the open space for all of these years and so much has changed since then.

  • Do we even know if the underlying utilities put in in 1996 still work?

  • Has the Eagle formation of the geology, in which the aquifer resides, gotten worse or better since 1996?

The Process

  • Once the LLC files their application, and the County determines that it is complete, it will be posted at the County website (we will let you know when that happens). Garfield County Community Development Applications Under Review

  • There will be much more information hopefully including new water information, traffic studies and other information required by the County for review.

  • At that stage you/we may learn of more elements to be considered.


While this is, as they will say, only 1 more lot…these are items to consider, some similar to concerns we had last spring:

  • The water is already a big concern to everyone, should we keep development limited as much as possible to protect the water? Every drop matters.

  • Every additional home poses more traffic, more density, more chances for fire, less space for wildlife. Less peace.

  • What visual impact will a home on the new lot have?

  • What are the community “costs” to adding this additional lot vs the community “benefits”.

Owner Supplied Flyer

Fussner Minor Subdivision Flyer.pdf