Aspen Times Poll Results

Aspen Times poll: Ascendigo Not a Good Fit for Missouri Heights.

The Poll ran the first week of May.

"It really helps with our message and that we have legitimate concerns."

Thank you to everyone who votes to Keep Missouri Heights Rural.  

We contacted the Aspen Times and got some clarification around their Poll

Answer:  The Aspen Times polls run for one week, typically Monday-Sunday or on occasion Tuesday-Sunday. The poll results are posted in the Monday paper on pg. 2. The Missouri Heights/Ascendigo poll results were published in yesterday’s paper (May 17) on page 2 and although the poll remains up at the moment, it has technically ended and should be replaced this afternoon by the editor in charge of the poll.

Answer: I wouldn’t say it is common to have a poll receive 3,000-plus responses, but on occasion this does happen when the topic of the poll is a particularly contentious one in the community. On average our polls receive about 1,000 responses give or take.

Answer: These polls are by no means scientific and are something that The Aspen Times uses to get a temperature of the community on current news and events.

     Answer: I am unsure if The Aspen Times Editorial Board will be releasing an opinion piece regarding Ascendigo Ranch/Missouri Heights. 

Thanks to Aspen Times for answering our questions.