Volunteers Needed

We are currently looking for the following volunteers:

Application Reviewers - Volunteers to review applications and identify issues for Missouri Heights and/or benefits to Missouri Heights.

Water Concerns Subcommittee

One of the key issues that rose to the surface was the water concern. We would like to form a subcommittee to:

Issues Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - Volunteers to track issues and be our source of expertise on subjects such as water, traffic, wildlife and other land use issues.

Non-Profits Coordinator - a volunteer to coordinate between KMOHR and other local non-profits that are opposed to development.

Local Government Liaison - a volunteer to review Government documents and provide comments. This directly relates to the re-write of the Eagle County Land Use Code.

New Development Proposal Researchers - Volunteers that follow the guidance in "Discover New Development Proposals" on a periodic (e.g., weekly) basis and informs KMOHR of new development proposals or rule changes in local counties. 

If interested in volunteering on any of the above, please send an email to KeepMOHRural@gmail.com explaining which position you are interested in and how you can add value in this position.