Cedar Ridge Ranch 


Cedar Ridge Ranch (CRR) is a property off of Crystal Springs Road in Missouri Heights. Neighbors, the owners of CRR, and even the Garfield County Commissioners have been unclear about what land uses are allowed on the property and what are not, and whether or not the property complies with their Land Use Change Permit. 

Post Independent articles summarize this situation. 

Our Stake

As Missouri Heights residents, and as neighbors, we all have a stake in knowing the status and remedies of land use code and building permit violations. We need more open government, documentation, and confirmation that remedies meet and will continue to meet requirements. 

All land use violations and documented reports of remedies (including photos, written agreements, and letters from officials, etc.) should be posted and readily available on County websites. Neighbors should not have to obtain them through the Colorado Open Records process, or to make phone calls to busy officials. Site visits and random inspections should be mandatory to verify that remedies meet requirements and continue to do so. Without accountability, land use codes and building permits lose their main purpose.

We at KMOHR believe that as a community, we have the right to:

Recognition and Recommendation

We recognize the immense burden of code enforcement on Counties. We believe it is in everyone's best interest for neighbors and property owners to partner with the County and to responsibly and formally identify both land use and permitting issues and opportunities. Counties must take this input seriously, manage all complaints as individual cases through resolution, and share this information publicly. There should be a follow-on process to verify ongoing compliance.