BOCC Site Visit

May 18, 2021 

Site Visit by GARCO BOCC - Ascendigo Ranch proposal. 

The BOCC site visit was a great success. Great weather and over 100 of us in opposition! There were fabulous signs held and displayed on cars, we even had a crane with a sign and Smokey Bear made an appearance. It was a true grass roots show of passion. Everyone’s spirits were high as we face this challenge together. To all who worked hard and participated. THANK YOU!!!

The Commissioners walked the property to learn about the layout and buildings. The public was asked to refrain from commentary and we were praised by John Martin, the Chairman of the BOCC, for respecting the rules and participating in local government and he acknowledged our passion.

If you have not signed up to speak, please do so.  Contact Joe Nuzzarello email  Get your friends and neighbors to sign up too!