The Fields Development



While The Fields Development is not part of Missouri Heights, we shared information about this project due to: Increased traffic congestion at the intersections of El Jebel Rd and Hwy 82 and Catherine Store Rd and Hwy 82, The higher density of the development is not compatible with the neighboring residential subdivisions and adds crowding in the mid-valley, and more. We encourage you to keep watching for a new application to be submitted.

Is the Fields gone for good? Is it coming back?

The honest answers is: we don’t know. The developer can refile the exact same application (or a modified version) at any time. However, the process would start all over again from the beginning. 

Ideally, the Hwy 82 Future Land Use Map (FLUM) should be changed to reflect common sense land use designation with the Fields parcel as Large Lot Residential (LLR). This was its original designation and what all the other Arlian Ranch subdivision lots are designated. It was changed to Moderate Density Residential (MDR) erroneously. More on this in a later newsletter.

One thing is certain. There  will always be developers waiving the “affordable housing” flag to entice commissioners to approve their projects.

The Future of Development in the Mid-Valley

Modular Plant in Rifle, CO

Application Materials: Note that these will be taken off the website. If you want them for future reference, download them ASAP!

Application Materials:

SSP-9165 The Fields Subdivision Preliminary Sketch Plan

1041-9137 The Fields Permit Application

ZC-9136 The Fields Zone Change

VIS-9169 Variation from Improvement Standards

SSP-9165, ZC-9136, VIS-9169 Application Materials - March 25, 2022

SSP-9165, ZC-9136, VIS-9169 Application Materials - November 9, 2021

SSP-9165, ZC-9136, VIS-9169 Referral Form

SSP-9165, ZC-9136, 1041-9137, VIS-9169 Referral Responses November 9, 2021

1041-9137 Application Materials

Public Hearing Information:

BoCC - March 21st, 4:00 pm El Jebel Mt Sopris Room - Packet Materials 

Attachment 1 Previous Staff Reports

Attachment 2 1041 Permit Staff Report

Attachment 3 Application Materials

Attachment 4 Public Comment (Dec 31- Feb 10, 2023)

Attachment 5 Public Comment (Dec 21 - Jan 22, 2023)

Attachment 6 Public Comment (Dec 20, 2022 and Earlier) 

Attachment 7 Referral Letters 

Attachment 8 Public Comment (Feb 11-17, 2023)

Attachment 9 Public Comment (Feb 17-20, 2023)

Attachment 10 Public Comment (Jan 25-30)

*Hearing agenda start time is approximate

Public Comment Information:

Written public comment:

If you would like to watch the meeting, there is a live feed at or on Facebook Live .

The Fields Development Background

Watch the November 10 Hearing on ditch company comments: Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission-November 10, 2022

Watch the August 17 Hearing: Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting-Fields PUD Hearing-August 17, 2022 be continued.

The public comment process will remain open. However the County asks you to relate your comment to the standards of approval, in order to have "value" to them. be read.

Read the Keep Missouri Heights Public Comment submitted to Eagle County. Read about the Straw Poll we conducted to gauge our Supporter's sentiment about The Field's Development.

In the news: Eagle County commissioners skeptical about benefits of The Fields - Aspen Daily News (August 18) El Jebel development seeks rezoning approval from Eagle County - Aspen Times (August 21)

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