Our Land Use

Watch List

This page identifies current and potential future land use issues that KMOHR is watching. If you are aware of others, please contact KeepMOHRural@gmail.com.

Harmony/White Cloud Property (former Ascendigo property)

The land has once again changed hands and a young man is now the owner (along with his father). Some adjacent neighbors have begun to reach out to him. What we have heard is that he intends to build a home for himself with an ADU and then to sell off some or all of the other lots. We are keeping abreast of the situation.

Cottonwood Pass

KMOHR will monitor discussions as Garfield and Eagle County Mull Options for Cottonwood Pass. The KMOHR board is discussing proposing Missouri Heights as an "Overlay District" governed by an Intergovernmental Agreement between Eagle and Garfield County.

Cedar Ridge Ranch

Cedar Ridge Ranch (CRR) is a property off of Crystal Springs Road in Missouri Heights. Neighbors, the owners of CRR, and even the Garfield County Commissioners appear to disagree about what land uses are allowed on the property and what are not, and whether or not the property complies with their Land Use Change Permit. Read more about Cedar Ridge Ranch here.

Identify New Projects to Watch

You can identify new projects to watch by following the guidance in Discover New Development Proposals. We encourage you to do so!