Our Land Use 

Watch List

This page identifies current and potential future land use issues that KMOHR is watching. If you are aware of others, please contact KeepMOHRural@gmail.com. 

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Cedar Ridge Ranch (CRR) is a property off of Crystal Springs Road in Missouri Heights. The history of confusion around the uses permitted and compliance demonstrates a need for process improvements in non-conformance reporting, follow-up, enforcement, case management, and open Government by Garfield County.

Cottonwood Pass 

Cottonwood Pass - CDOT presented The Draft Concept Design report for Cottonwood Pass to Eagle and Garfield Counties in mid-September. Garfield County is not currently planning on making the cited improvements to Catherine Store and Cottonwood Pass. They verbally supported Eagle County in making improvements to Cottonwood Pass using both Eagle County and Federal funds. Eagle is planning to make simple improvements (e.g., curve softening) using existing County funds. If a large Federal grant comes through in January, they will begin prioritizing the more difficult improvements for the Blue Hill section.

Zoning is one of the least exciting things local government does. But it’s important. That’s why Eagle County is about to launch an 18-month effort to revise the county’s land use regulations.


THE APPLICANT WITHDREW THE APPLICATION. We need to keep watching for a new application to be submitted.

The Eagle County Community Development Department has received land use application ZS-9260-2022 from Whiskey Mountain, LLC for Twin Acres Riding Stables, located at 623 Fender Lane. The parcel is also known by Assessor’s Parcel #2391-223-00-006. The application is a Consolidated Special Use Permit to allow for the development and operation of a commercial riding and boarding stable. 

Among other issues, legal water rights have not been secured (currently under opposition), and they propose to use the 80 acre conserved AVLT Agricultural Parcel, for commercial operations. The Eagle County staff, in collaboration with the Applicant, drafted 20+ conditions to "attempt" to make this commercial operation compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Most conditions are neither measurable nor enforceable. None of the conditions make it compatible. BOCC hearing is scheduled for February 2024.

Xcel Energy is proposing to rebuild the existing 11-mile transmission line between the Hopkins and Basalt substations in Eagle and Garfield counties. The transmission line was originally built more than 100 years ago and is reaching the end of its useful life. To ensure we can continue delivering reliable, safe electricity for our customers, the line will be rebuilt, which will improve electric service to homes and businesses in the area, while also meeting the community’s current needs and future growth.

Approximately five miles of the line are located in Eagle County, with the remaining infrastructure in Garfield County; about half of the project is located on property managed by the Bureau of Land Management with the rest located on private property.

Identify New Projects to Watch 

You can identify new projects to watch by following the guidance in Discover New Development Proposals. We encourage you to do so!