Say NO to Missouri Heights Business Development

  • Speakers can show up the day of hearing and also ZOOM. It's not too late to be a speaker all the way up to the day of the meeting. We encourage everyone opposed to speak!

  • If you didn't get your exhibits, letters, and materials sent in to Garfield County for the June 21 Public Hearing, please bring 5 hard copies to the hearing, or if not attending in person, email them to

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Keep Missouri Heights Rural is a Colorado Nonprofit organized for the purpose of preserving the property rights of residents of Missouri Heights in both Garfield and Eagle counties. Keep MO Heights Rural was born out of a group of neighbors concerned about a proposed commercial development in our rural community.

• Missouri Heights began as a ranching and farming community shortly after the date of Colorado statehood. It has evolved into a residential community while retaining large ranches and agricultural farms and keeping its rural character and zoning.

• No positions in this organization are paid. All administrative functions are on a volunteer basis. Any funds raised go directly to the defense of our collective rural way of life and the preservation of our property rights.


Ascendigo is a well-respected, nonprofit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley. The autistic children they provide services for, and their selfless staff, deserve a place to call home.

Unfortunately, their vision for Ascendigo Ranch in Missouri Heights is simply not compatible with the current zoning regulations and the limited natural resources in the area.

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  • For most people, their investment in their home is among the largest that they will make, and therefore, knowing with a high degree of certainty what types of land uses could be imposed in their neighborhood is critical to sound decision-making.

  • A requirement for compatibility of land use assures landowners that the risk of adverse effects due to future development is minimal. Requiring compatibility is a way to offer predictability to landowners about the future land development in their neighborhood.

Ascendigo Ranch has filed a 700-plus page, convoluted, “limited impact” review application with Garfield County, which can be found in its entirety on the Garfield County planning department’s website. There are inaccuracies in this application that, we strongly believe, invalidate their numbers.

  • According to the exhibits filed with this application, their idea of “limited impact” includes almost 50,000 square feet of new structures, including a 14,000-square-foot, 50-foot high activity center.

  • Their peak months of operation will consist of more than 100 people onsite daily. There will be numerous vehicles coming and going throughout the day, at least tripling the local traffic volume.

  • Plans also include almost 100 parking spaces.

  • The camp will have multiple daily deliveries, camper day trips, etc.

  • Also proposed is a 1- to 2-acre pond for aquatic activities. They have also committed to offering year-round programming and have reserved the right to offer the property to outside organizations for other uses as they see fit.

This type of heavy commercial use is not compatible with the rural residential zoning of Missouri Heights, as outlined in Garfield County’s growth plan. Ascendigo is an admirable organization, but we must say no to Ascendigo in Missouri Heights.



This proposed facility will negatively impact Missouri Heights because it will be:

The corporation’s purpose for this land does not meet the definition of “Educational Use,” yet it is the stated purpose for the change in zoning.

*this is not an exhaustive list. Read more under Issues & Concerns and our Printable Flyers


An application has been posted on the Garfield County website. Read the Timeline of events to date

The public hearing is set for Monday, June 21st starting at 1PM. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. They have also reserved the next day in anticipation that not all speakers will have been heard in the one session.


Seven easy steps:

  1. Learn more: Informed citizens are important.

  2. Sign up to speak at the Public Hearing on June 21st. Send an email to Joe Nuzzarello at to sign up to speak and he will keep you in the loop on all the details.

  3. Write Letters: Tell your commissioners reasons for opposing this development. Write Letters to Garfield County, Eagle County, Basalt Water. Information and forms are available on the website.

  4. Sign the Petition: A well populated petition shows support

  5. Make a donation: Donations go to the defense of our collective rural way of life. • Funds will be used for potential litigation and supporting activities • Funds are not used for any administrative costs

  6. Print and/or electronically share Printable Flyers

  7. Make sure your neighbors are informed.


  • Major concerns exist with the proposed facility

  • The Corporation failed to reach out to a majority of the property owners (stakeholders) in Missouri Heights.

  • The Corporation’s story has changed significantly from July 2020 to the filing of the application.

  • Little control exists for any future expansion.

  • This commercial development will impact us on a daily basis, and has a significant implications on our property value, and the future development of Missouri Heights.

Anyone who wants to Say NO to Missouri Heights Business Development is encouraged to donate, sign the petition, write letters, and otherwise get involved.

This is NOT limited to Garfield County Residents.