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We are busily working to keep you informed about several important issues. 

Twin Acres Riding and Boarding Stables - Upcoming, on April 11 the Eagle County BOCC will conduct a site visit at 2:30 PM and the hearing will start in El Jebel at 4PM.  Sign the petition, visit our website, or contact Robert Sardinsky to get involved.


Cottonwood Pass - On March 22 and 23, CDOT presented design concepts developed for county roads between Gypsum and Colorado Highway 82. Two public open house meetings gathered feedback regarding the concept options and shared the draft evaluation of each option. For those unable to attend the meeting in person, the information about the safety improvements will be available on the project web page following the meetings. Comments can be submitted by March 31 via an online comment form. To view the graphics, submit comments, or to join the project mailing list, visit

Following the meetings and public review period, the evaluation of design options will be finalized and documented in a concept design report that will be shared with Eagle and Garfield counties and posted on the project web page. With the information provided by this project, Eagle and Garfield counties will determine next steps for implementing improvements. If improvements move forward, they would be designed and constructed by the counties as funding becomes available. Funding for next steps has not been secured at this time, although CDOT and the counties continue to explore grant and other funding opportunities.


The Fields - On March 21st, the developer of The Fields withdrew an application for 135 residences Tuesday after it became clear it would be rejected by the three Eagle County commissioners. The Fields developer quits subdivision in El Jebel after years of trying to get it approved.


The Fussner Minor Subdivision, White Cloud - On February 21, via majority vote, the Garfield County BOCC (John Martin voting against) decided to uphold the Community Development Director's Decision to Approve the Minor Subdivision.

Jan 10 2023.mp4

The Elk have returned to Missouri Heights after nearly 20 years. This is THEIR backyard! 

Quote from John Martin (Garfield County Commissioner)…from an article about wildlife on the Garfield County website.


“There is overadvertising, overpromotion, overdevelopment of every place you have talked about,” said Martin. “Yes, it’s all nice, but we don’t have to go overboard as we have in reference to development and the promotion of getting everybody out there. Tone it down a little bit and the herds will be better off, and we won’t overuse it like up in the Maroon Bells. Overdevelopment and overpromotion is killing everything, so put down tourism as a form of predation for wildlife.”

Our Mission

To preserve the rural character, sustainability, safety and quality of life of Missouri Heights, an elevated desert with a fragile environment. 

Our purpose is to protect against unbridled development and other incompatible land uses as well as actions that put a strain on vital resources and infrastructure, especially to preserve water and prevent wildfire. 

Overall, we are opposed to measures that negatively impact the serene character and safety of the area and its wildlife habitats.  

As a grass roots organization, we will educate the public, advocate for the community and bring the neighborhood together.  

Check out our Watch List for current projects that we are monitoring. 

No positions in this organization are paid. All administrative functions are on a volunteer basis. Any funds raised go directly to the defense of our collective rural way of life.


Ascendigo is a well-respected, nonprofit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley. The autistic children they provide services for, and their selfless staff deserve a place to call home. 

Unfortunately, their vision for Ascendigo Ranch in Missouri Heights was simply not compatible with the current zoning regulations and the limited natural resources in the area. 


We must stay stridently vigilant to identify new threats to our collective way of life and to preserve our rights. We will continue our efforts to KEEP MISSOURI HEIGHTS RURAL. To this end, we will watch for all new proposed development in the Missouri Heights areas of both Eagle and Garfield Counties, and we will respond appropriately and effectively. Check out our Watch List for current projects that we are monitoring.

Donations are needed and greatly appreciated.


The organization is continuing in operation with its purpose of protecting against unbridled development and other incompatible land uses as well as actions that put a strain on vital resources and infrastructure, especially to preserve water and prevent wildfire. 

KMOHR has been granted 501(c)3 status so that donations will be tax deductible. 

Even if you have not been an active supporter of KMOHR in the past, may be a direct beneficiary of our efforts by

Please consider a financial investment in the effort to preserve our rural, residential community.  We will take any size donation.