Eagle County Land Use Regulations Update

The new Eagle County Land Use Code Rewrite Portal is HERE! 

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LIVE - IN PERSON work sessions in your Eagle County community! 

Roaring Fork Valley Regional Hybrid (Virtual-In Person) Work Session: 

February 15 @ 2:30 - 0020 Eagle County Dr, Carbondale, CO 81623 (El Jebel)

Eagle Valley Regional Hybrid (Virtual-In Person) Work Session: 

Watch video from workshop held in Eagle on Feb 7.   

Read the presentation Slides.

 The meeting has been scheduled as a work session with the planning commission.  

We plan to provide an overview of the issue papers that were presented to the Board and to discuss next steps in terms of the development of the revised code. Following any questions and/or comments by the planning commission, I anticipate that the planning commission will open the meeting to public comment.  Please keep in mind that the purpose of this work session is to highlight and discuss general policy issues that may be incorporated into the revised ECLUR, and that there will be many opportunities for public comment as we move forward with the actual drafting process.  

KMOHR's Mission is participating in the Land Use Code Update

......to insure that zoning matters that directly impact MO Heights preserve the current zoning density; 

strengthen provisions to insure that commercial endeavors are not permissible; and 

give additional rights to those opposed to changes in land use during hearings. 

Contact KeepMOHRural@gmail.com if you'd like to participate.

Matt Scherr, Eagle County Commissioner, Thanked us for our Letter to the Editor and Participation! 

Eagle County land-use project is must-see TV

"Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney noted she’s talked with people who want the county to expand its current standard of dual access points for new developments. But Messenger cautioned against putting too many new roads into rural areas, and recommended giving the county’s engineering department more responsibility for road standards."

Code rewrite work sessions will continue into December

"Stewardship was a big part of the latest update to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners about rewriting Eagle County land use regulations. Todd Messenger, an attorney with Fairfield and Woods, is working on that rewrite. Messenger and Assistant County Attorney Beth Oliver provided that update, which focused in part on how land use policy can affect stewardship."

The Vail Daily's article on the Land Use Regulation Re-write mentions KMOHR!

Eagle County’s land use code rewrite could allow much more workforce housing _ VailDaily.com.pdf

"Rural approaches should limit exposures to hazards, preserve natural resources, and mitigate risks by severely limiting new development, encouraging long-term resource conservation, avoiding geo-hazards, and facilitating contextually-appropriate economic opportunities." .....From the slides, Meeting 5. We agree!