Twin Acres Riding Stables

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Application Materials: ZS-9260-2022

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Related Land Use Codes and Long Range Plans:

Land use Code guiding THIS Application - Section 5-250 Special Uses

Eagle County Comprehensive Plan, Area Community Plans and any applicable ancillary County adopted documents

Article 4 - Site Development Standards Updated 7/23/2019

Article 5 - Administration Updated 7/23/2019

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Excerpt of email received by nearby HOAs (as Referral Agencies) on September 2, 2022

The Eagle County Community Development Department has received land use application ZS-9260-2022 from Whiskey Mountain, LLC for Twin Acres Riding Stables, located at 623 Fender Lane. The parcel is also known by Assessor’s Parcel #2391-223-00-006. The application is a Consolidated Special Use Permit to allow for the development and operation of a riding and boarding stable. The complete application materials can be found on our website here:

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Adjacent Subdivisions include:

Aspen Mesa Estates,

Aspen Mountain View,

Fox Run Meadows,

Red Table Acres

HOAs and nearby residents should send written public comments to:

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Description (based on page 20 of the application)

The Whiskey Mountain Estates, LLC property is currently used for ranching, residential, existing equestrian facilities, and open pastures. The property is bordered by residential subdivisions, including the Aspen Mountain View, Sopris Mesa, Kings Row and Red Table Acres subdivisions. The Strang and Hunt Ranches are approximately two miles further west along Fender Lane (County Road 102).

The property is zoned Agricultural Residential (AR) as defined in the Land Use Regulations of Eagle County, Colorado. This zone district is intended to maintain the rural character of areas outside of the County's towns, community centers, rural centers, and resorts, while allowing for some appropriate residential development.

Approximately 80.63 acres in the Agricultural Parcel consists of unimproved irrigated hay fields or dry land pasture which exists in an open agricultural/ranching condition. The 20.54- acre Ranch Headquarters Parcel consists of one single family residence and an equestrian facility, barns, arenas, and other related accessory structures. This property has been used historically for agricultural and equestrian purposes and contains characteristic ranching improvements such as fencing, irrigation and dirt ranch roads.

The Applicant is requesting a Special Use Permit for a 25-stall boarding stable and 100’ x 200’ covered riding stable on the 101 acre parcel zoned Agricultural Residential. 80 acres of this parcel are in an Aspen Valley Land Trust conservation easement and 20± acres are considered the homestead which allows these uses in the conservation easement. The covered riding arena and boarding stable are proposed to be commercial operations and open to the public on a reservation basis as space allows to accommodate horse boarding and horse riding, training, and lessons for novice to professional equestrians.

Twin Acres “TA” is a Colorado Corporation that will lease property from Whiskey Mountain Estates LLC (Applicant). As horse interest continues to grow in the Roaring Fork Valley, TA is dedicated to serve both horses and horse enthusiasts alike. TA is a full service equestrian operation providing but not limited to the following services:

  • Pleasure Riding

  • Horse Training

  • Riding Lessons

  • Horse Boarding

  • Maintenance/Care of Equines

  • Equestrian Events

The Chief Executive Officer of TA is responsible for maintaining the facilities, maintaining and upkeep of the horses, and property management. According to Aspen View covenants, local riders will have priority for use of this facility.

The purpose of this Special Use Permit is for:

    • a proposed 25-stall boarding stable and

    • 20,000 sq.ft. riding arena.

The current ranch facility has a 9 horse stable, a tack/equipment storage space and office, and two outdoor arenas for riding. The Applicant proposes to add an additional stable to accommodate 25 horses and cover one of the existing outdoor arenas for wintertime use. Existing buildings on site will be utilized for hay storage to support the equestrian/agricultural operations.

Basic Operations:

Operations of TA will start at 6:30 am. Daily operations will include:

- Feeding horses morning hay/grain at 7:00 am.

- Horses who live in indoor stalls will be turned out to paddocks/pastures at 7:00 am.

- Daily stall and paddock cleaning around 7:30 am.

- Daily horse training and lessons will commence throughout the day from 8:00 am-

7:00 pm using indoor and outdoor riding arenas.

- Indoor horses will be brought in from paddocks/pastures at 4:00 pm.

- Horses are fed their night hay/grain at 4:30 pm.

- The Barn closes at 8:00 pm to everyone excluding on site management staff or

emergency services (Farrier or veterinarian).


- TA will anticipate having three employees at the ranch daily in order to care for the

facility and the equines on property.

- One or two employees will live onsite in existing subsidized housing.

- Up to two other staff members will commute to the site for daily ranch chores.

- Outside contractors will be present on the property on an as needed basis including

hay operators, veterinarians, and farriers.

- Variations on the above if needed.

Summer Additional Operations:

- The 80 acre conservation easement will be hayed for the use of feeding the horses living on site as well as trail riding for the boarders of the property.

Equestrian Events

- As part of the operations and training/lesson program the Applicant will host a maximum of two horse shows competitions to local riders.


In addition to the current parking at the site, the applicant intends to formalize an open field to accommodate spaces for twenty-eight (28) new standard sized vehicles, and also twenty-eight (28) new pull-through truck and trailer spaces, near the proposed Arena building.

Please read the application for more details and send comments to

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