Twin Acres Riding Stables

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For context. This is only 20 horses.

HEARING POSTPONED until August 1, 2023 to amend the Application re: Water Rights 

Whiskey Mountain Estates, LLC, the Applicants for Twin Acres Riding and Boarding Stables Special Use Permit have requested a continuance of the scheduled BoCC site visit and hearing until August 1, 2023

Pictured is an Elk herd passing through an area near this proposed commercial enterprise. Just west of Sunset Lane.

The Applicant is requesting a Special Use Permit for a 25-stall boarding stable and 20,000’ covered riding stable on the 101 acre parcel zoned Agricultural Residential. 80 acres of this parcel are in an Aspen Valley Land Trust conservation easement and 20± acres are considered the homestead which allows these uses in the conservation easement. The covered riding arena and boarding stable are proposed to be commercial operations and open to the public on a reservation basis as space allows to accommodate horse boarding and horse riding, training, and lessons for novice to professional equestrians.

The proposal is for about 50 horses to be kept on the property. Horseback riding lessons and arenas will be available as well. Events will also be held on the property about two times a year with approximately 100 people at each event. The Eagle County Land Use Regulations (ECLURs) define a boarding stable as, “a structure designed for the feeding, housing and exercising of horses not owned by the owner of the premises and for which the owner receives compensation.” The ECLURs define a riding stable as, “an establishment that has available for rent or lease four (4) or more animals for periods of twenty-four (24) hours or less, or in return for compensation, gives lessons to develop horsemanship.” 

Why neighbors are concerned

Current Ranch Description (based on page 20 of the original application)

The Whiskey Mountain Estates, LLC property is currently used for ranching, residential, existing equestrian facilities, and open pastures. The property is bordered by residential subdivisions, including the Aspen Mountain View, Sopris Mesa, Kings Row and Red Table Acres subdivisions. The Strang and Hunt Ranches are approximately two miles further west along Fender Lane (County Road 102).

The property is zoned Agricultural Residential (AR) as defined in the Land Use Regulations of Eagle County, Colorado. This zone district is intended to maintain the rural character of areas outside of the County's towns, community centers, rural centers, and resorts, while allowing for some appropriate residential development.

Approximately 80.63 acres in the agricultural parcel consists of unimproved irrigated hay fields or dry land pasture which exists in an open agricultural/ranching condition. The 20.54- acre Ranch Headquarters Parcel consists of one single family residence and an equestrian facility, barns, arenas, and other related accessory structures. This property has been used historically for agricultural and equestrian purposes and contains characteristic ranching improvements such as fencing, irrigation and dirt ranch roads.

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Application Materials: ZS-009260-2022

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TARS in the foreground of one resident's Sopris view

THAT is not "peaceful enjoyment" as required by Eagle County for a Special Use Permit.

The covered jumping arena is 20,000 sq ft compared to nearby homes <4,000 sq ft. 

The proposed development is in a basin, resembling a football field. Surrounding homes represent the stands (several at field level). Residents would be unwilling spectators of every commercial activity, experiencing all the environmental impacts (odors, light, noise, flies, loose dogs, dust, etc.) associated with a large commercial equestrian operation.