The Fields Development

While The Fields Development is not part of Missouri Heights, we are sharing information about this project due to: Increased traffic congestion at the intersections of El Jebel Rd and Hwy 82 and Catherine Store Rd and Hwy 82, The higher density of the development is not compatible with the neighboring residential subdivisions and adds crowding in the mid-valley, and more. We encourage you to participate as individual stakeholders by becoming informed and sending in Public Comments.

Upcoming Meetings & Document Links

December 20, 2022

SSP-9165, ZC-9136, VIS-9169, 1041-9137

The Fields

3:00pm Mt Sopris Room El Jebel

The Fields Development

Watch the November 10 Hearing on ditch company comments: Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission-November 10, 2022

Watch the August 17 Hearing: Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting-Fields PUD Hearing-August 17, 2022 be continued.

The public comment process will remain open. However the County asks you to relate your comment to the standards of approval, in order to have "value" to them. be read.

Read the Keep Missouri Heights Public Comment submitted to Eagle County. Read about the Straw Poll we conducted to gauge our Supporter's sentiment about The Field's Development.

In the news: Eagle County commissioners skeptical about benefits of The Fields - Aspen Daily News (August 18) El Jebel development seeks rezoning approval from Eagle County - Aspen Times (August 21)

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Guidance for Submitting Public Comments

At the August 17 hearing, the Commissioners spoke about wanting public comments to focus on the “standards.” They said they are required to evaluate the Fields Application based solely on Eagle County standards.

Smart Growth has made it easy for everyone to submit public comments based on these standards. Click here to see the list of public comment topics (and scripted emails) that focus on the standards. You can choose a topic and submit it via email to

You are allowed to submit multiple public comments, so even if you’ve already submitted a comment, you can email another one.

You can also sign up here to present one of these public comment topics at the next meeting.

If these links are not working for you, email

We can send the topics directly to your email. Please submit a public comment and spread the word.

Follow the newly updated: Eagle County Public Meeting and Hearing Procedures For Board of County Commissioner Meetings and Hearings, Revised August 2022

You can view the written comments submitted on behalf of Save Mid Valley here

You can still submit your comments to: